Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Soup du Jour

It's hard to create when your nose is drippy.  Feeling like your head is stuffed with cotton, grabbing a Kleenex every 5 minutes, constantly washing your hands - these are the real creativity killers. 

The symptoms crept up on me Monday, slowly wending their way into my consciousness, leading to the dawning realization around 3 p.m., "I have a head cold".  There was no denying it, no more ignoring the runny nose, the scratchy throat, the itchy eyes; all I could do was go with it and start some OTC remedies.  Black elderberry dissolving tablets, to reduce symptoms; vegetable soup with garlic, gingerroot, curry, red pepper flakes and homemade turkey stock to soothe my head, heart and soul.

soup, glorious soup
I was consuming a large bowl of this beautiful elixir before it occurred to me that the soup was my creation for the day.  No photos, no recipe, just a bunch of goodness thrown into a pot and heated up for my consumption.  All I have is a photo of the final result.

I was still in the early stages of the head cold, not quite to the point of misery, on Monday evening when we had the first read-thru for my theater's next production, The Mousetrap.  As the actors started to bring the characters to life, I thought about how this is a different kind of creation.  It's temporary, and collaberative, and can't exist without an audience.  Theater is a transient creation, of another world that the audience experiences for 2 or so hours of an evening.  It's a creation of illusion, as the actors open the "fourth wall" and invite the audience into this world.  It's a collaberative creation, between the director, the actors and the designers, as we build this world during the rehearsal process. 

This sounded much more eloquent in my head, before the cold took over my brain completely.  That thought may be lost in the ether, but the sentiment remains.  In my previous (abandoned) blog, I also wrote about collaberation in theater; the disparate elements don't happen in a vacuum, everybody needs to be involved in the creative process to bring the whole to fruition.

No more ramblings for now, it's time to fight the germs. Stay well.

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