Monday, January 9, 2012

A little teaser

Sunday's creation was almost a failure.

This happened last night. I've been anticipating this night for a while now, and thought, "What could be better than a 'Downton Abbey'-inspired creation??" Something beautiful and luxurious. A friend suggested an exquisite hairpiece - and when I saw Lady Rosamund's headwrap in the dinner party scene, I knew that would be next week's project. GORGEOUS!

But last night, I wanted something I could work on whilst watching Season 2, Episode 1. I decided to make a small drawstring purse.

I had a scrap of velvet, dyed a mottled blue, green and purple; also some green dupioni silk for the lining. Perfection.

Then my evening started to unravel; we were low on milk, so a quick run to the grocery store before The Show - not only milk, but requests for the following food items as well: blueberry bagels, strawberry cream cheese, Pop-tarts (that's not gonna happen!), and Toaster Strudel. The kids were thinking about Monday breakfast. Made it back, then ran to my workroom to grab my supplies; I wanted to work and watch in the greatroom.

As I turned from my sewing table with my arms full of supplies - I dropped my box of pins all over the floor of my workroom. ALL OVER THE FLOOR. All the pins. Everywhere. And no Ryan Gosling around to pick them up. Sadness.

But my show was starting, I had to get to the sofa, with my fabrics in hand. What I didn't realize was that the episode was two hours long. I could cut out the purse, but no sewing until after 10 p.m., after everybody was in bed, and the dog was let out for a final time.

I finally had the purse pieces together by 11:45 p.m., but it wasn't pretty. Sewing velvet requires some concentration and finesse, neither of which was happening so late at night.

I've decided this isn't a FAILURE in my creation-a-day goal, because I made something. It's just not complete. I'm off to work for a few hours, then I'll finish up the purse, and move on to today's creation - whatever the hell that will be.

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