Thursday, January 19, 2012

Showing my bias

I really love soup.   I mean, really love soup.

And the combination of a head cold and a cold-weather snap give me the perfect reason to indulge this love.  I had two bowls of my remedy soup Wednesday for lunch ; I wasn't planning on the second bowl, but my oldest called me from the school nurse's office, because she was also sick and achy, so I needed that second bowlful, just for the energy to make the round trip to get her.   But I was able to get some cleaning and organizing done around the house afterwards; it was just the boost I needed to start functioning again.   

the old wooden drawer
This included my project for the day: upcycling an old drawer into a handy-dandy bias tape storage system!  I've had this drawer sitting around for years; I think I got it from a friend's garage sale, it seemed so useful when I saw it, I just had to take it.  And when my stepmom gave me two (!) bags of bias tape, hem tape and rick rack packages back in December, it seemed like a perfect match.  The packages just fit the length of each cubby in the drawer, after the plastic hanging tabs were cut off.  All these packages of trim and bias tape somehow came from a store, to an individual, who then donated them to the school where my stepmom works.  She couldn't figure out a use at school for all of this trim, so she passed them along to me for my costume work.  Which was lovely (I always need bias tape, and the random trims will also get used), but then I had to figure out where to put all of these items, in some semblance of order.

I was able to sort by color and width, for the most part.  One row of cubbies holds all the quilt binding, sorted by color; the rick rack trim is grouped together in a few cubbies; but the majority is bias tape, divided by narrow single-fold, wide single-fold, double-fold, and wide double-fold.  Bet you didn't know there was that much variety in the bias tape biz!  I think Tim Gunn approves.

"Make it work!"
And then I made potato soup for supper for the whole family, with crumbled bacon and chopped green onion added in.  Everybody wins!

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