Saturday, August 18, 2012

See, That Other Door Did Open Up!

The last few weeks have been....less than stellar. 

I've been creating. Not every day, but most days. But there hasn't been much joy involved.

I haven't felt like posting; well, not exactly, it's more like I haven't wanted to take the time to post. But things are turning around for me. I was offered a new job! I interviewed at Norcostco two weeks ago (August 2nd, to be exact), and had hoped to hear back the next week. But nothing. 

UPDATE: After my interview, I had lunch with Dear director friend - we were supposed to go to a movie (but it wasn't a date! No! Couldn't have that now, could we?), but the interview went long, so when I got to his place, we decided to stay in, have lunch - and then we had sex. So much for monogamy!  He didn't feel all that remorseful, either. I was feeling so positive about the interview, he couldn't resist that energy. Or my body.
The following week, we did get to a movie, while my oldest was out with friends in Minneapolis. And he would have loved more than a movie date, but I had to pick up R. So we made plans to see each other the next week.
Thursdays have always been a particularly good day for us to meet, and evenings were now an option as well. And we had a lovely Thursday evening romp at his place; I wasn't there ten minutes before he was removing my clothes! The man can't resist me. But later, I told him how worried I was, about finding a job. Other than my time with him, I felt like I was nothing.

Which led to the sadness, tiredness, lack of positivity I've been feeling. I was so right for this job! Really! Not to mention I needed a job, and was starting to look farther afield - some bakeries are hiring for early-morning shifts (really early-morning, like 4 a.m. early) which would be doable for me, but not ideal. Especially with getting kids to school. And more especially with evening rehearsals.

But luck (i.e., hard work and a good attitude) was with me, and I will be the new sales floor associate for Norcostco's Minneapolis location, dealing with costume rentals, make-up, wigs, and accessories. Life is good.

Speaking of costumes, here are some of the items I built for Cymbeline earlier this summer.
Zoe in the awesome bodice I built
The Evil Queen with her headcovering

And this is the back of my head, in a cool braid/bun creation I did a couple of weeks ago.

this is actually my hair

UPDATE #2: We were both at a wedding reception/party the following Monday, and even though he was still dating Horse Teeth girl, he didn't bring her to the reception. It's too hard for him to put on his Handsome Act when he has a date. He wouldn't have been able to sit with me and introduce me to some friends, if she had been there. This was why I thought we had a relationship, not just sex. He wanted to be with me. But he didn't want her to find out. It got complicated.