Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I dyed my hair pink, in tribute to my friend Jen.

Well, I tried to dye it pink; I've never used the intense, bright hair dyes that Jen used, and I wasn't sure how much to put on my hair. Also, I didn't bleach it first, and I already color my hair, but there is definitely pink tones to my hair color now.

Jen's funeral is tomorrow. So many of us are dying our hair, or getting colorful clip-on hair extensions; going barefoot; and I'll be in a skirt for sure.

As a costume designer, I've realized my tribute to Jen will be via wardrobe, not through words. We work in different media (lights as opposed to fabric), but color and layers are both important aspects of our designs. I'm glad I got to work with Jen on so many shows. There will be photos of a lot of her lighting designs at the funeral home, I'm interested to see which of our collaborations will be represented, plus all the other theaters she worked for.

The ends of my hair are definitely pink; I expected the roots (especially the grey!) to take more color. Ah, well....It is what it is.

Much like life, and death, and everything in between.


  1. The ends took the color more because the ends are more processed than the roots. Even if you color your hair regularly, your roots by nature are less processed. Also, some dyes are better than others for doing those bright shades. Special Effects is fantastic. Manic Panic, while it is the more well known is not so great. Redken makes a fab permanent line of intense colors, including a pink I once had when my hair was blonde.
    Anyhow, that is a fantastic way to pay tribute. I didn't know Jen well, but the loss is still felt. Definitely hits closer to home than I would like. Many condolences to you.

  2. And, I just realized my profile pic is from when I had the pink and purple in my hair! Weird coincidence.