Saturday, May 12, 2012

Erin go Bragh!

I pulled dandelions today.

Not all day, but I created a dandelion-free zone in the yard.  A couple of dandelion-free zones, to be exact.
No dandelions! The creeping charlie is next...

...after the rest of the dandelions are defeated. Yeah.

I also planted some annuals, in pots and in the first garden area I reclaimed when I moved back here. A rustic seating area under an old lilac shrub, now front-planted with primroses and astilbe. So I added celosia for a shot of color at the front.

Celosia - they remind me of Jen D.

And I worked in the yard just long enough to burn my lower back. Right across my claddagh.

Erin go Bragh

G'night, all.

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