Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crimson Tide and Black Tights

You guys.

I made a #12 Alabama old-school football jersey today. It's a costume piece for American Family. It's in the dryer right now; because it's brand new, I had to wash it, and I'll have to distress it a little so it looks lived-in, since it belongs to a 16-year-old football player in Alabama in 1979, who is probably a big fan of Joe Namath. So I can't photograph it right now. But I will, later.

For the same show, I also made a 1960's-era dress for the mother of the 16-year-old in 1979 (it's a memory play, so there are two distinct years for the characters, and it's a little hard to describe without telling the whole story. Anyway.). I'm quite proud of this dress, I think it looks like something from Modcloth.

Finally, I made a flower girl dress, also for American Family. Very sweet, 1960s, lots of little pink, orange and yellow flowers printed on the fabric.

There was a photographer at the dress rehearsal tonight. Hopefully, I'll be able to link some of the production photos on here in the next couple of days.

Finally, we have a complete cast for I Hate Hamlet! I had to get on Peter's case to JUST MAKE A DECISION ALREADY! But the show is cast, I have designers and a very eager stage manager - now I just have to get production meetings and rehearsals scheduled. With everybody's conflicts, and overworked schedules, this should be a piece of cake. (Oh, for a sarcasm font!).

Theater - it's what I've been creating for the past month, and will continue to create for a while. But -  next week is spring break for my kids, and for St. Kate's, and American Family will be in preview performances, and I Hate Hamlet won't have started yet - so, maybe, just maybe, I can create some little projects around the house. And blog about them. Regularly. Won't that be fun??

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