Monday, February 13, 2012

It's alright, right?

Fuck. I didn't "create" anything today.

I cut out a dress at job #1(this one has the sleeve pattern I made); I found some furniture for job #2, then picked out the paint for the floor treatment (which I thought I would be doing tonight; that was going to be my creation), and watched a tech run-thru with all the actors on the set for the first time. Not the best run-thru, but there were moments of brilliance. This is going to be a good, solid show. I just hope the actors trust us about this.

Also, I created a lot of stuff yesterday. That counts for something, right? Right?

Fuck. I'll get back to it tomorrow.

UPDATE: I totally lied. I created something on Monday - chocolate glaze to put on the Nutella-espresso bundt cake I baked on Sunday. So easy, and so delicious! The cake wasn't as rich or sweet as I thought it would be, but the glaze was. They balanced each other perfectly. I used unsalted butter, and had to add one more teaspoon of boiling water, and the result was fabulous.

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